Submitting Positive Attendance – Continuing Education

Beginning the Spring 2014 quarter, there is a new method for continuing education teachers who are required to submit their positive attendance.  The link below is a link to a short video that demonstrates how to submit your hours.  However, if you still have questions about how to submit the attendance after watching the video, please contact Gordon Vander Sal, C.E. Records Technician, in his office (Rm. 4 Schott Campus) or at 898-8131.  You can also reach him by email at .

View the tutorial at .


Tips for Improving Gmail Searches

Since the College made the move to Gmail from Groupwise a few years ago, we’ve been getting questions from time to time about how to search for email from your colleagues. This has been a problem since some people send email using both their and addresses.
That said, Rob Brown (the FRC) has created a short video that includes a few tips we believe might help you search your college email more efficiently.
If you prefer a handout, there is always Google Email Advanced Search page at

Securing your smart phone

Here’s an informative article about securing your smart phone from CNet….


Submitting Positive Attendance – CREDIT classes

Positive attendance reporting is required for classes where the hours students attend are variable.  The College decided this past fall 2013 semester to create a web-based tool that allows you to enter hours throughout the semester for students attending courses that require positive attendance.  Entering hours is simpler than you may think.

Here’s how to get to positive attendance login if you’d rather not watch the short video…

Go to  (Use your Campus PIpeline ID and password to access the site)

  1. Choose the TEACH tab
  2. Then in the faculty links channel, look for the link titled “Enter Positive Attendance.”  It’s located right below the link for Entering Flex hours.  If you don’t see an “enter positive attendance” link then you have NO positive attendance to report.  If you do, then there is a link.

The instructions for entering positive attendance are in this video which is also posted on the positive attendance reporting site.


Skype Announces Free Group Video Calling for Teachers

EdTech Times Skype makes Group Video Calling free to educators 

The ability for classrooms to beam in authors, subject experts, and fellow students from around the world has been one of the great advantages afforded by Skype. Commonly used by educators to provide real-time engagement for their students, the service just got better. As of today, existing members of Skype in the classroom or new registrants can use Skype’s Group Video Calling free of charge.     Read More Here…

A feature previously available only to paid Skype Premium subscribers, Group Video Calling allows users to connect via Webcam with up to 10 parties. Skype’s blog post details instructions for signing up for free video calling. (Authentication may take 48 hours)

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