Starfish Early Alert for Faculty and Staff

Starfish Early Alert for Faculty and Staff

SBCC faculty may begin submitting Early Alerts around the fourth week of the term. Faculty are asked to identify students in their classes who may be in danger of failing, as well as concerns about attendance, low scores or missing assignments.  

Starfish is accessible from the campus portal and Canvas. Please review the how to resources on the Starfish Resources Page. It is strongly recommended that faculty update their Starfish profile, review their contact information, setup up email preferences and office hours.

Progress Surveys

A Progress Survey is an early term snapshot of how students are doing in a course and must be completed for each student enrolled in EOPS and Athletics in each course taught. Progress Surveys open around week 6 of your course and closes sometime in week 8, or begin around week 9 for late start classes.  An email indicating that Progress Surveys are open with a link to the surveys will be sent to your campus email account, along with follow up reminder emails before the Survey closes. A Progress Survey must be completed even if there are no issues to report at this time so that we know that participants of EOPS and Athletics are  off to a good start in the course. 

Flags and Kudos

Using Starfish, faculty may issue flags and kudos to help any student be more successful.

  • Flags are early alerts about concerns that trigger a notification directly to the student.
  • Kudos are positive messages sent directly to a student to recognize a student’s good work or improvement.

Faculty Raised Flags

Faculty are able to raise four different flags in Starfish:

  • Attendance Concern – Raise this when a student is not attending regularly. Please include the last date and  attendance and the number of absences.
  • Low Scores – Raise this when a student receives a poor grade on a quiz, test or assignment.
  • Missing Assignments – Raise this flag when a student is missing or late with assignments.
  • In Danger of Failing – Raise this when a student is in danger of failing a course.


Instructors may raise kudos using Starfish. A kudos is positive feedback about a student’s performance that triggers an email to the student and posts a kudos star in a student’s Starfish Center.

  • Keep up the Good Work - Raise this kudos to encourage good work. 
  • Showing Improvement Raise this kudo when a student has shown improvement.
  • Outstanding Performance – Raise this flag when a student has performed well.
  • Outstanding Academic Performance – Raise this kudo when a student has outstanding academic performance.