Course Substitution Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some courses shown with the subject "TRF," numbers such as “999T,” and/or a course titled “Transfer Course?” External courses are evaluated as substitutes for SBCC courses whenever possible. However, the course may be assigned the subject TRF, numbered 000T-1999T, and/or given a course title of “Transfer Course” if it has not been reviewed toward substitution for an SBCC course.

What if I took the course prior to the current academic year? Although the information in the guide is date-specific, your coursework may still be applied toward SBCC program or certificate requirements. To see if your coursework is eligible please submit a request for an evaluation through the TAPPER Online Form.

What credits/units will I receive? Credits are assigned as semester units based on the external course. Institutions on the quarter system will have credits converted to semester units.

If the external course is offered for variable units (For example, a Physical Education course that can be taken for 0.5-2.0 units) the units completed may not display on the Course Substitution Guide. 

If an external course satisfies two or more courses at SBCC (a "group"), units may display on only one of the SBCC courses in the group. 

Will external courses fulfill program/certificate/major requirements at SBCC? It is the student's responsibility to determine if their external coursework can apply to major or pre-major requirements. 

If an external course can be used to satisfy one SBCC course "OR" another SBCC course, the student must notify TEO when they submit their request for evaluation which SBCC course they would like their external course to satisfy. Contact the Academic Counseling Center if you have questions.

How do I receive credit at SBCC for my external coursework? All students must submit a request for evaluation. External coursework is not evaluated automatically.

If your transcripts are from California Community Colleges or you have AP scores: Use the Transcript, Advanced Placement, and Prerequisite Evaluation Request (TAPPER) online form to request an evaluation.

If your transcripts are from other institutions: Contact an Academic Counselor for assistance.

For clearance of prerequisites or corequisites using coursework from external institutions see the instructions on the Prerequisite Instructions & Forms page.

Is my external coursework transferrable to UC or CSU?  When applicable, these courses may satisfy SBCC degree and certificate requirements, as well as IGETC and CSU GE requirements. However, the purpose of the Course Substitution Guide is to assist current and prospective students in determining how your external coursework may be applied toward SBCC associates' degrees and certificates, or for satisfaction of course prerequisites.

For assistance with transferring to UC or CSU please contact the Academic Counseling Center.


If you have questions about the Course Substitution Guide please contact 

If you have questions about how your external coursework can apply toward your academic goals at SBCC, contact the Academic Counseling Center for assistance.